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Our Story

Based in the Heart of Dallas, TX- MiCasa Insurance Agency has been making insurance accessible and simplified since 2007.  Our Owner and Director, Loni Terrazas Parker, is a professional and practiced agent with over 30 years  of experience to offer.  Along with herself, she offers a team of well integrated agents and associates whose pleasure it is to service our clients by the most honest, precise, and effective means.

Although Dallas is where we call home, we have many clients from all over the DFW area- North, South, East, and West!  We cherish our clients immensely.  This is why we pledge to uphold our obligation as an Insurance Agency to provide our clients with accurate and simplified information that will guide them to the insurance policy best suitable for themselves.  Think of us as a partner you can trust to protect and guide you through all of your life's journeys. 

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